Customer management

Your customers are your most precious commodity, along with the data that you hold about them. Looking after this is a critical part of your business, of course, but when used correctly, it can also be used to improve your customer experience. Discover how Experian’s tools and services ensure your customer data is working at its maximum.

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Customer management

Proactive risk management helps you to identify business threats and create a plan to deal with them. Find out how Experian can help you avoid unpleasant surprises by clicking on the headings below:

It doesn’t matter how much data you have, unless it’s correct, up to date, complete, linked together and presented in a clear and holistic way, you’ll struggle to gain much insight from it. Fortunately, you can turn your raw data into a sharp, well-defined picture of your customers and their relationship to you using Experian’s Data Quality Solutions. Discover how it can help you make smarter, more profitable decisions across your business.

The importance of data profiling

The quality of your customer data doesn’t simply affect your IT department, but your whole business. A good data-profiling solution will help you understand what problems exist in your recordset and what needs to be done to fix them – both now and going forward. Look for a platform like Experian’s Aperture Data Studio, which provides automated, easy-to-use tools to draw your attention to critical issues.

Deepen your understanding

Once you’ve identified the gaps in your customer data, how do you go about filling them with rich, relevant data? Expertly curated data sets drawn from a wide variety of trusted sources, such as those offered by Experian, can enhance your records to provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers. The data that Experian provides is regularly updated, another crucial advantage, and can be accessed directly through Aperture Data Studio.

Link customer data together

If your data is spread across multiple databases or locations, a process called identity resolution can bring it all together in one place. This involves taking a feed of unique identities that have been assigned to every individual in the UK and matching them to your own records. This helps you spot duplicated accounts and offers a more rounded view of customer transactions. Experian’s ExPin includes this functionality and contains ID data derived from over two billion pieces of data.

Create a Single Customer View (SCV)

Once you’ve brought a customer’s records into one place, you need to be able to present that raw data in a digestible format. This enables you to use it to inform decision-making and give you stronger insight into customers. An SCV helps you achieve this, as it provides a single convenient place to view all your customer activity, making it easier to manage and connect to them.


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