Market and audience planning

Location planning is a complex science that affects almost every business’s marketing, real estate, investment and financial decisions. Even if your operation is global, having robust, local knowledge counts. Accurate, complete and consistent data is the first step, but you also need to extract the decisioning insights needed to expand your business.

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Market and audience planning

Experian’s experts can help you analyse your business challenges and ensure you have the datapoints, catchment models and packaged insights to solve them, along with any modelling, geo-spatial tools or advanced analytics required. Click below for more…

Within our fast-changing world, residential populations and workforces within local markets can fluctuate quickly. Supply and demand are seldom static, but constantly shift with community dynamics, travel patterns and economic circumstances. Ensure your local marketing, communication and service provision keep up by using  the right data.

Assess market size and share

Understanding local market composition is crucial before entering a new area. It minimises investment risk when embarking on marketing campaigns, helping pinpoint outdoor advertising locations and which postal sectors to target. Comprehensive UK local area data, like Experian’s, provides local-market intelligence to better inform decision making, including pre-packaged demographic, market-behaviour, and supply and demand models along with outlet locations at postal sector and output area levels.

Future-proof local planning and decisioning

Unlocking local population trends can help you make longer-term decisions. Using available historical data, current data points and powerful analytics enables you to drive future demographic estimates, while segmentation data assists with assessing how these trends compare to those in rest of the UK population. Combining local knowledge with a broader UK-wide outlook like this offers the right balance to make strategic decisions for your business.

Enrich your data

If you only have limited first-party data insights, leveraging external data sources, such as market research or other dynamic data sources, could enable you to create and maintain an evolving view of your ideal customer profile. Experian is well placed to help you with this type of data augmentation, which is also useful if you need deeper behavioural or consumer insights that can’t be easily extracted from demographic profiling. 

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