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Experian can offer you versatile, ready-to-use data, software and analytics solutions to add value to your proposition and your business realise its ambitions.

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Why partner with Experian?

Experian is best known as the UK’s leading credit reference agency, but to our partners we’re so much more. We’re innovators and problem-solvers, providing data, software and analytics solutions that adapt and grow to meet fast-changing market challenges and opportunities.

Don’t your customers deserve the best?

Delivering a first-class customer experience and a smooth digital journey is simple and quick when you work with the right partner.

8 out of 10

of the world’s top 100 banks use Experian’s decisioning software

7 days

Experian’s software can be ready to go in less than a week

900 clients

Experian has hundreds of partners but it treats every partnership as unique

The benefits of partnering with Experian

We have a team of dedicated UK Partnerships & Alliances specialists ready to help your business realise the benefits of partnering with us:

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Our data and a whole lot more

  • Access to market-leading data, software and analytics solutions that can enhance the value of your proposition and help you target new customers and markets.
  • Possibility to leverage the Experian brand and sales enablement tools or build your own-brand solutions using Experian capability.
  • Broad variety of partnership models supported depending on your commercial requirements and ambitions:
    • Value Added Resellers
    • Managed Services Providers & Outsourcers
    • Integration & Referral Partners
    • Consulting & Innovation Partners
  • Shared marketing and promotional activities including press releases, case studies, social media activity and more.
  • Access to selected Experian client and partner events.

What kind of Partnerships does Experian enable?

Experian enables a variety of partnership models and we’re always open to new ideas, but these are our most typical models:

Value Added Resellers

Value Added Resellers use Experian capability, from accessing raw data to leveraging our ready-made, market-leading products and services, to resell Experian services or solutions through a direct contract with their end-customers.

Integration & Referral Partners

If you are a systems integrator or technology platform business, integrating Experian’s solutions can increase your value proposition to support customer acquisition and retention. In this model, businesses integrate Experian solutions, but we retain our own contract with end-customers directly.

Managed Service Providers & Outsourcers

Managed Service Providers and Outsourcers can access transformational capabilities to provide services on behalf of another organisation across both the private and public sector. This approach maximises operational efficiency without compromising the customer experience.

Consulting & Innovation Partners

We’re consistently ranked one of the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes and we regularly discuss ideas for the future with existing and potential new partners. If innovation is part of your agenda, then contact us to see how we might combine our strengths to deliver better outcomes now and in the future.

Technology Partners

Experian is proud to partner with leading technology providers, either in the form of leveraging their infrastructure to offer its own products as a Service or through joint GTM strategies that marry the best of breed cloud capabilities with Experian’s data or decisioning capabilities. These partnerships, such as the one we hold with Amazon Web Services, aim to provide businesses end to end solutions that will help them in their own transformation journeys.

What market opportunities can we partner on?

Experian has a uniquely diverse range of solutions deployed across many market sectors. Regardless of which sector you operate in, or which Experian solutions you may wish to leverage, Experian’s Partnerships & Alliances Team are ready to engage with you:


Work with a trusted partner that understands your business.

Improve the digital customer journey

Improve the digital customer journey

A better lending process

A better lending process

Enhanced quality of data

Enhanced quality of data

Prevent fraud and identity theft

Prevent fraud and identity theft

Better customer insights

Better customer insights

Find and retain customers

Find and retain customers

Data Quality Solutions for Experian Partners

Become an Experian partner

Our Partnerships & Alliances team is ready to support your business, whether it’s giving you access to established data services and APIs, deploying software solutions or working together on bespoke innovations. From SMEs to FTSE-listed companies, we’re experienced in launching, managing and enhancing successful partnerships. As a trusted global business and a custodian of critical consumer and commercial information, you can expect us to guide you through the key elements of the partner onboarding process, including:

Data Governance

Ensure Experian data or software solutions are being used compliantly and with data security a critical component.

Commercial Governance

Establish commercial terms to enable the growth of all parties and utilise an extensive suite of existing contract templates.


Support a timely and efficient integration process to enable you to quickly capitalise on market opportunities.

Let's talk. Experian can support your business needs.

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