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Whatever your business needs, Experian’s data-led solutions are here to help improve your customer journey, reduce fraud and boost profits.

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No one makes sense of data like we do

Data is king. It’s the key to increasing your profitability, managing risk, improving productivity, delivering excellent customer service and remaining compliant. By combining your own customer records with Experian’s own rich data sources, you’ll improve outcomes across your entire business.


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Percentage of Brits more likely to shop online compared with before the pandemic.

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The time at which customers will abandon an online transaction due to lengthy security checks.

How Experian can help your business

Experian’s retail solutions have helped some of the largest brands across a wide range of sectors, from retail and trade merchants to logistics, hospitality and legal, accountancy and professional service providers. Click the headings below to find out how we can help your business.

Use data to better understand and reach the right customers at the right time, and find the best available channels for both commercial and consumer clients. It’s customer-centric marketing at its finest.

Segment your customers

Avoid using off-the-shelf customer segmentation models – these rarely offer the depth required to precisely identify segments within your specific market. Instead, choose a personalised solution like Experian’s Bespoke Segmentation, which can be tailored to your industry or specific circumstances.

Target lucrative lookalike audiences

Your data reveals who your best customers are. Armed with the right tools – such as those offered by Experian’s data management platform – you can use these insights to combine your own data with third-party information to identify the best prospects.

Discover new audiences

If you’re launching new services from scratch, you may struggle to identify the right audiences for them. Here, a tool such as Experian’s ConsumerView proves its worth, by providing you with a broader view of the UK population that can then be filtered to reveal promising prospects.

Improve digital advertising efficiencies

Scattergun advertising is expensive and ineffective. The best digital marketing solutions – such as those offered by Experian – can help you build marketing programmes that specifically target those prospects you’ve already identified in order to boost engagement and increase ROI.

Combine digital with physical

As your digital presence grows, you may need to look again at your physical stores. Which ones should you keep, and which ones are no longer needed? Experian’s Location Planning tools can help determine which outlets should remain open, and even help uncover options for new locales.

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