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The people behind the data

Taking good care of your customers and business requires data. With Experian, you get that. But you also get much more – including the products and expertise needed to turn that data into new customers, reduced risk, and a loyal customer base.

182 million

Every year we check that 182 million people are who they say they are.


Reduction in approval times.


Coverage of UK payment accounts to source transactional data.

How can Experian help?

Click the links below to find out how to get the data, products and expertise you need to prequalify, onboard, and manage your customers quickly, securely and effectively.

How can you offer the right customers the right products in record time? Experian can help you welcome the customers you want, avoid the customers you don't, and start your customer relationships on the right foot.

Confirm credit eligibility

Before offering products to customers, you must make sure they meet your affordability and credit criteria. Look for a prequalification and eligibility solution that automates your decision-making to give customers round-the-clock access to solutions that are right for them.

Make accurate predictions

The more data you can gather on a customer’s credit history, the less risk you’ll carry when making prequalified offers. Seek out an option like PowerCurve Originations, which allows you to build a more fully rounded picture of a customer’s finances without performing intrusive credit checks.

Empower your customers

Customers leave in droves when facing tricky online applications or unwanted delays. Automated solutions help to supercharge your digital user experiences by integrating data into your systems to quickly verify identities and reduce the need for probing questions. Look out too for social media and smart advertising solutions that give customers instant ways to connect with you. Experian’s solutions all link into Open Banking to provide instant access to prequalification data.

Unlock new opportunities

Once you’ve unlocked what products your customer may be eligible for, why not look to upsell other services at the same time? Automated systems like Delphi for New Business can provide you with the data required to attract customers with other deal, which can then be presented on-screen throughout the application process with the help of PowerCurve Originations.

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