A better lending process

Make your lending process work for you and your customers. By investing in high-quality data, analytics and decisioning tools, you can offer a smooth automated process that treats people like humans.

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Give credit. But only where it is due.

An optimal lending process helps you strike the right balance between opportunity and risk. It should be fair, consistent and transparent in its decisions; seamless and slick in operation; insightful and flexible behind the scenes; and automated and smart in every way.


A quick approvals process can increase acceptance rates by up to 10%.


of organisations rely on subjective assessments to make key decisions.


of all firms feel they can effectively use analytics to gain useful insight.

How can Experian help?

Investing in your lending process is an obvious way to boost return on investment. Not only can it help you win more business thanks to increased acceptance rates and reduced drop-out numbers, but it also ensures that you win the right type of business by offering customers affordable, tailored products. Discover how Experian can help you streamline your systems quickly and easily.

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Using pre-qualification to send customers personalised credit offers is a popular strategy for attracting new clients to your business. Find out how automated tools can make use of shared banking data to ensure your lending proposals are enticing, timely and affordable to every individual, every time.  

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Credit insight

Getting a complete picture of your customer’s financial well-being is essential before extending any type of credit. Discover how automated decision-making platforms and bureau data can assist in verifying a customer’s income and expenditure without adding friction to the approvals process.  

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Business credit checks

Make sure you know who you’re dealing with when making B2B lending decisions. Commercial credit reports give you insight into the financial stability of business clients in the UK and around the world. Explore how they can reduce your risk when lending to businesses.     

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Credit decisioning and scoring

Strengthen your credit decisioning and scoring strategies, gain new insights, increase your speed to market and stay ahead of regulations. Moving away from outdated legacy systems will also enable you to reduce costs and increase efficiency while offering customers a better experience and better outcomes.

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Pre-collections / Collections

Moving to collections doesn’t have to have to be a disaster. Learn how debt recovery tools can help you recover more unpaid debt while simultaneously strengthening customer relationships and improving your brand’s reputation. Making your collections process fairer and more effective is easy when you know how.

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Process management

Don’t get left behind. Effective process management can transform your lending process by helping you to quickly adapt and respond to customer needs. Find out how high-quality data and keen analytical tools can provide more meaningful communication, speed up responsible lending decisions, improve data collection and highlight cross-selling opportunities.  

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