A digital customer journey

It’s easy to get caught up with thinking about the path to purchase, but customer experience beyond acquisition can be just as important for building brand loyalty and reputation.

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Experience is everything. Make sure you give it your all.

Today’s consumer has evolved. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital applications and processes. Consumers expect an easy to access, fast, frictionless automated service that’s consistent across channels. How does your organisation measure up?


of people fail to complete a basic customer digital onboarding journey, because it is either too long or too time consuming


are more likely to do business with a company offering personalised experiences

30 seconds

is how long a consumer will wait before abandoning a transaction

How can Experian help?

Great customer service relies on two simple things: understanding your customers and giving them what they want. Find out how Experian’s solutions can deliver exceptional customer experience while ensuring your checks and processes are both comprehensive and fair.

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Customer targeting

Before you can engage with new customers, you have to find them. Discover how with the right tools and data, you can quickly identify prospects in your target regions and engage them with personalised campaigns in the channels that they use.

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Engage customers actively searching for credit with preapproved products and offers. Learn how to build a more complete picture of a customer’s finances without intrusive credit checks and make personalised offers that don’t exceed your risk appetite.

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Grow your business and reduce dropouts with quick and simple onboarding journeys, that improve the customer experience and help you say yes to more customers.

Discover more about solutions that help you build trusted, long lasting relationships and how with real-time validation and verification you can mitigate risk and satisfy due diligence obligations.

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In-life processes

Your customers are your most important asset. Learn how to improve day-to-day account management, better look after their needs and manage risk on an ongoing basis to identify vulnerabilities before they get out of hand or unlock cross-selling opportunities.

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Collections can be a challenge for many lenders, but with Experian’s comprehensive data and customisable insights, you can improve contact rates, resolve more debts and provide even more support for the customers who need it.

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