How confident are you that the customers you onboard are genuine? Do you have the information you need to check their eligibility for their chosen product? Are customer drop-out rates too high? Experian’s solutions are designed to reduce your risk exposure, meet regulatory requirements and deliver a smooth customer experience.

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A crucial part of any acquisition process is confirming the identity of your applicant. With fraud and financial crime on the rise, you need to ensure that you can confidently verify customers’ identities and meet AML and KYC requirements.

Reduce the risk of fraud

A good customer identification system will combine ID validation and verification processes with additional checks for potential fraud. Experian’s Identity Authenticate combines all these checks to produce its Authentication Index, a clear-cut indication of the degree of confidence you can have that the claimed identity is both genuine and being used legitimately. This enables you to customise your systems according to your risk appetite.

Check for sanctioned individuals

It’s not enough to be certain that you’re dealing with the genuine holder of an identity. You also need to verify whether potential clients appear on PEPs and sanction lists. With time being of the essence during onboarding, it’s also vital that these checks are conducted in real-time, thereby reducing friction for good customers while catching those on government watch lists. Experian has a comprehensive set of solutions to help with all this and can even screen beneficial owners in B2B transactions.

Verify bank account information

The best time to check bank account details is during the application process. This prevents banking errors and potential fraud from the outset. As with identity, it’s important to ensure that the details entered are valid and that they belong to the customer. Experian’s Bank Wizard solutions are a solid bet in this area and can return results manually as required or automatically in real-time.

Consolidated fraud platform

Once you’ve identified the systems you need to prove a customer’s identity, it’s helpful to have a single platform, like Experian’s CrossCore, to bring them all together. As well as offering a joined-up interface, platforms like these often include additional tools that can help you refine and improve your risk strategies to meet future challenges.


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