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Power in numbers

Experian’s data is unmatched. If you’re looking to offer your customers better deals and improve the speed and accuracy of your underwriting, you need a data upgrade.

15 million

Transactions processed and enriched by Experian’s iCache platform per day.

2.5 billion

Data points used in ExPin’s matching processes.

Over 600

Sources feed into Experian’s consumer credit bureau data every month.

How Experian can help your business

Click the headings below to discover how connecting with Experian can speed up quotes and claims, lower risk, and help your insurance business thrive.

Applying trusted, tested and robust insurance risk solutions is vital to protect your bottom line, but assessing which customers to insure, and which products to offer them, doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right data, you can keep potential risk to a minimum.

Check previous claims

An applicant’s previous behaviour is the clearest possible indicator of their potential as a customer. By accessing the comprehensive data of the Claims Underwriting Exchange you can see six years of insurance history, allowing you to build a picture of the volume and frequency of an applicant’s claims as well as highlighting multiple claims with different insurers.

Discover hidden details

Is an applicant telling you everything? CUE data can also help your business automatically enrich new applications with extra information, allowing you to identify misrepresentation quickly – and additional identifiers like ExPin can help you match applicant data even if their details or circumstances have changed.

Spot potential credit issues

Sharing your customer data with a service like CAIS gains your business access to the credit history of over 500 million consumer accounts, offers information on over 13 million commercial credit commitments, and can even provide behavioural data based on credit and store card use. It’s the best way to avoid taking on bad debt.

Speed up data acquisition

Acting fast to prevent fraud is crucial. Aligning your internal systems with a broad API like iCache can help you access accurate, up-to-date enrichment data in real time – everything from ID confirmation to fraud risk calculations and automotive histories.

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