B2B Fraud Detection

How can you mitigate the risk associated with first, second and third party fraud threats?

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Do you know how to spot a ‘good’ business?

Being able to authenticate a business prospect, verify its owners and identify commercial fraud or a balance sheet that close to arrears isn’t easy if you only have limited data to go on. Fortunately, Experian can enrich your information so that you can accept new B2B clients with confidence while meeting financial crime regulations.

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The rise of B2B fraud

With businesses having honed their detection and prevention capability to efficiently detect consumer fraud, fraudsters are looking for alternative routes to exploit. 

B2B fraud presents a lucrative opportunity for the unscrupulous, due to the limited B2B fraud prevention solutions available in the UK market to deter this emerging fraud threat.

This paper will explore what B2B first, second and third-party fraud is, the impact to business’ and their customers and what measures can be taken to detect and overcome the risks posed.

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of Bounce Back loans a leading UK bank awarded had also been given by another major bank - a breach of the one loan only rule


suspicious phoenix businesses have been formed since government support commenced in April 2020

Accept new B2B clients with confidence. Let's talk.

Discover how Experian can enrich your information so that you can accept new B2B clients while meeting financial crime regulations.

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Detect, prevent and deter UK B2B Fraud and Money Laundering

The war against the fraudsters ever evolving exploitation of weaknesses in existing processes is becoming progressively greater Therefore, it is imperative that in order to win the battle, companies look to utilise the available tools in market. 

With unprecedented financial support offered by government to small businesses during the pandemic, fraudsters capitalised on an environment which required rapid lending to those eligible and in need. Watch our webinar above where Graham Barrow, Director of the Dark Money files and world-renowned AML expert, shares the key trends around how criminals are exploiting UK business to perpetrate fraud and financial crime.

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Transforming financial crime prevention

Across the UK, banks are developing financial crime transformation programmes that strategically monitor their commercial portfolios in new ways. 

There’s a genuine intent to actively manage financial crime risk and combat money laundering by continually watching for data changes and events, rather than running full reviews on a fixed, periodic basis.

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Experian can help you take a new approach to fighting fraudsters. Let’s talk.

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