The rising cost of living

How lenders can better understand their customers and manage risk through the crisis

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The UK is going through a cost-of-living crisis which shows no sign of abating

And whilst the economy continues to grow and bounce back from a tumultuous period, that alone is not enough to rescue those who will be most affected by the spiralling cost of living.

Experian research shows that the cost-of-living squeeze will lead to highly variable consumer pressures, depending on individual circumstances, including which sector a customer works in and where they live.

The key message for organisations is that today, no two individuals are alike in their experience of the pressures of the squeeze, or in their resilience to those pressures. There are as many risk profiles as there are consumers.

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14.7 million

14.7 million people have a low financial resilience1


31% of people do not feel financially secure


23% of people with income changes due to Covid-19 are expecting to take out new credit

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How to guide customers through the 2022 cost-of-living squeeze

Inflation hit 7% for the 12 months to March 2022 – a 30 year high – and consumers are now feeling the squeeze. 

Forward-thinking lenders can gain a significant advantage by using Experian’s new white-label Financial Education tools, which merge Experian credit scores and reports with transactional Open Banking data to provide the most complete picture yet of a consumer’s finances, helping them negotiate their new financial realities.

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A Better Lending Process

The fewer customers who end up in collections the better, but what steps can you take to reduce the risk of engaging in costly debt recovery processes, particularly during a pandemic? 

Discover the solutions that will enable you to accurately gauge a customer’s ability to keep up repayments throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

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