Utilities Sector

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The Utilities sector employs highly trained staff with specialised capabilities. Security is a key issue in this industry and it is vital for a candidate’s previous employment and education details to be accurate. In addition to the vast quantity of skilled workers, there are also a high volume of call centre staff, who have access to large amounts of confidential customer data.

Experian can provide you with extensive background checks for utilities employees, allowing you to screen the following staff: commercial staff, customer service team, engineers, facilities staff, financial personnel, management, security workers, and technicians.

Your employees are the face of your company and act as your representatives – especially on unaccompanied home visits. Background checks on candidates can help to ensure that service standards remain high, and reduce the level of risk the public are exposed to.

Relevant Checks

Protect your brand reputation and reduce the threat of hiring unsuitable candidates, by carrying out some of the following Utilities background checks:

Identity Check

Credit Check

Criminal Record Checks

Professional Membership

Media Check

Education Checks

Dependent on the level and seniority of the position being recruited for, more extensive background checks are also available.