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Improve your organisation’s approach to risk, customer management, collections and supporting vulnerable customers with Experian’s expert tools and help.

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Embrace data-driven insights and decisioning

Utilities customers are looking for accurate billing and a personalised customer experience that’s sympathetic to their financial situation. Discover how better use of your data can meet their needs – and yours too.

1 in 10

1 in 10 customers consider their water and sewerage bills to be unaffordable (this is 1 in 8 in Wales), suggesting that around 2.5 million households may currently need help with their water bills (CCWater, April 2021).


Percentage of 16 to 34-year-olds with a credit meter who were worried they might fall behind on energy bills due to a fall in income (Ofgem, July 2021).


Percentage of businesses that have been severely impacted by Covid-19 (CCWater, July 2021).

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Domestic – Energy

Find out how Experian’s data sources and solutions can help improve financial outcomes for both you and your domestic energy customers.

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Domestic – Water

Reduce risk and deliver better customer experiences by placing data-driven decisioning at the heart of your organisation. Experian has all the tools and help you need.

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Commercial customers

Whether onboarding new clients or wanting to take a more proactive view of existing ones, Experian’s services can help increase revenue, minimise risk and reduce bad debt.

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Experian's Market Consultants

Our team of seasoned experts have backgrounds in specific industry sectors including banking, retail credit, utilities and telecoms across both consumer and commercial practices.

Critically, as part of Experian, our market consulting partners can draw on a unique heritage of data and software expertise to help clients with challenges or new opportunities.

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