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In order to understand your customers and employees better, you need access to data – and lots of it. Experian isn’t just one of the UK’s largest records providers, it offers a full range of tools, services and expertise to help you combine the data you possess with additional insights.

750 million

The number of new records Experian adds to its consumer data sources every single month.


Of charities reported cyber security breaches or attacks during 2020.


Of businesses had data management issues as a result of the pandemic.

Solutions to help your organisation

Data can help charities and not-for-profits in several different ways. Read on to discover how to harness richer information to drive better outcomes, protect you and your customers, and perform pre-employment background checks.

The better you know your customers, the better you can serve their needs. The key to gaining this understanding is auditing, updating, and refining the data you have on each customer, which in turn can be used to improve your marketing campaigns.

Improve the quality of your data

Is your customer data accurate, up to date and complete? The better the quality of your customer data, the better your customer experience, and the more likely you are to deliver successful campaigns. A data health check provides you with an automated, but through, means of auditing your data. A tool like Experian’s Data Management solution can minimise duplication, update and cleanse contact details, and can insert additional insight to better target existing (and potential) customers.

Create a single view of your customer

How readily available is your customer data? If it’s not already consolidated and integrated into a single place, explore solutions that can bring it all together into a Single Customer View (SCV). A good solution like Experian’s Aperture Data Studio brings all your data into one place to help improve the way you utilise it.

Create customer segments

Once your data is up to standard, you can use it to improve the quality and performance of your marketing campaigns by utilising smart customer segmentation tools. A tool such as Experian’s Mosaic may be the answer: it enables you to set up campaign audiences that can be filtered using your own criteria to make it easy to identify which messages to send to which customers.

Improve ROI

Personalised marketing messages have multiple benefits. First, your customers receive fewer, but more relevant, communications. This in turn improves your customer experience, while delivering better ROI on your marketing budget. You can also use insights from each campaign to further refine marketing going forward.

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