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Fighting fraud and collecting debt are arguably even bigger problems for the public sector than they are for private companies – but with the right data, and the tools to match, you could recover more unpaid dues while helping the people that matter.

25 years

Experian has been helping public sector organisations for a quarter of a century.

1.3 million

Households estimated to fall into council tax arrears in the first months of the pandemic.


Different public entities have debts owed to them.

How Experian can help your business

Click the headings below to discover how Experian can aid in improving your data, tracing and recovering debt, and developing a sensitive view to your citizens’ situations.

Whatever organisation you represent, precise data is the key. An accurate and consolidated database unlocks new possibilities for streamlining operations, improving processes, and realising new opportunities to better serve the public.

Build a single citizen view

A division between departments striving towards the same goal can mean records end up out-of-sync, work is unnecessarily duplicated, or vital information is missed. Consolidating siloed personal records through a service like Aperture Data Studio offers greater personal understanding throughout the public sector.

Easily verify identities

Whether you’re working with UK residents or foreign citizens, accurately identifying individuals using a tool like the government’s Identity as a Service platform (IDaaS) means you can be assured of their identity quickly. If you need more specific verification, services like Experian’s Instant Document Verification can help validate personal documents without tying up your staff in manual processes.

Maintain your data

Post Office data shows that 9,500 households move every day in the UK, and thousands of people get married or pass away. Tracking these changes ensures your department knows what’s happening and that your data stays accurate. Comparing your records to bureau data like Experian’s, either once or on a regular basis, helps combat data decay. 

Meet regulatory requirements

Keeping data compliant with GDPR, the DPA and the additional demands imposed on the public sector by the Data Standards Authority can be a challenge. De-siloed data is the first step in ensuring breaches don’t happen, and services like Experian’s GDPR Data Integrity Assessment and Data Health Check can then help ensure those central records are properly stored and fully complete.

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