Strategy management

The rapid pace of change means what worked for your business yesterday won’t necessarily work today. Discover how to unlock measurable improvements by enhancing the quality of your data on an ongoing basis, so that you can develop strategies that evolve and stay ahead of the competition.

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Strategy management

From intuitive drag-and-drop strategy-building software to high-quality data feeds, Experian has the insight you need to create solid strategies with ease. To find out how Experian can help, click  the headings below…

How can you ensure you keep making the right lending decisions in a fast-moving and volatile marketplace? The answer lies with data analytics tools that enable you to combine your own data with third-party datasets to uncover patterns, identify trends and spot new opportunities. With Experian you can augment your data to give you the confidence to make fast – yet responsible – lending decisions.

Get access to the latest data

An agile strategy relies on quick and easy access to frequently refreshed quality data. Experian’s customer credit bureau is one way to achieve this. It’s updated monthly with over 750 million records from over 600 of the largest, most well-respected data repositories in the UK. Experian’s Ascend analytics platform uses this updated information to fill any gaps in your customer records.

Speed up decision-making

Determining whether to lend to a customer – and how much they can afford – requires more than just access to the latest data. A tool like PowerCurve Strategy Management gives lenders the tools they need to quickly combine and analyse existing data before extracting the relevant information into insightful, digestible reports. This makes it easy to pin down a strategy based on current priorities and make consistent, informed decisions.

Formulate new strategies quickly

COVID-19 has demonstrated how even the best-laid plans can be rendered useless by major economic shocks. Fortunately, sophisticated templating systems enable you to develop new strategies at speed. Experian’s PowerCurve Strategy Management offers an assisted strategy design tool that helps you refine your policies with simple-to-use drag-and-drop building blocks, all infused with Experian’s expert knowledge and industry best practices.

Bring all your strategy tools together

Trying to formulate, test, adapt and launch new business strategies is hard enough without adding layers of unnecessary complexity. Make sure you choose a platform that enables you to consolidate all your strategic tools in one place, making it easy – and quick – to update your approach to decision-making.

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