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Your customers are your most valuable asset, but are you making the most of your relationship with them? Discover how to improve the quality of the data you hold to better anticipate their needs, predict problems before they occur and find ways to extract more value in a responsible way.

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In-life processes

Find out how to improve the quality of your customer data to manage your relationships better, reduce your risk exposure and potentially uncover new business. Click the titles below to find out more…

How complete is your customer data? Is it regularly updated and audited? Do you have a clear and holistic view of it? Discover how building a single view of your customers (and your relationship with them) can help drive better-informed decision making across your entire business.

Audit your data

The key to a good data audit is being able to identify the problems that exist in your data and how you can fix them. Look for a solution that can be deployed with the minimum of training, and which actively draws your attention to issues that need addressing. Aperture Data Studio is one option, another is to speak to Experian Data Quality Services about bespoke solutions.

Fill in the gaps

Once you’ve identified missing data, how can you fill the gaps? The answer is to draw on expertly curated data sets that are regularly updated, can be easily added to your own records and provide colour and depth to your customer insights. Aperture Data Studio offers all this and also allows you to add annotations and tags to datasets.

Get a single view of your customers

If your customers have multiple touchpoints with your business, their data is probably stored in more than one location. Using a process known as identity resolution, you can link these disparate records together to provide a single, coherent view of your customer. Experian’s ExPin cross-references your customers with its comprehensive database of UK identities to help minimise errors and duplication when combining records.

Create a Single Customer View (SCV)

Once your records have been brought together, you can discover the benefits of applying a Single Customer View (SCV) to them. By creating a single, holistic view of each customer, you’ll be able to draw the insight you need to provide a better customer experience whether managing their account or promoting new products and services.

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