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Retain your best customers and attract similar prospects with customer intelligence

How well do you know your customers? If you want to retain your best customers and attract similar prospects, you need to understand their needs and characteristics.

Our customer profiling and consumer audience targeting services help you to better understand your audience and what makes them tick – allowing you to engage with them more effectively, delivering the right messages on the right channels to maximise marketing spend.

Customer data and enrichment

Enriching your understanding of your customer base is invaluable. With more data signals, you can compile customer profiles to enhance your perception of your customers across various demographic, sociographic, economic, and behaviouristic characteristics. Using consumer data and enrichment tools, it is possible to deepen your knowledge of your customers, blending records from multiple data sets for a complete view and making smarter decisions.

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Marketing personalisation and segmentation

With advancements in technology and the growth of social media, one-size-fits-all messaging simply does not work anymore. Customers expect a more personal, tailored approach. Marketing segmentation involves splitting customers and potential customers into groups based on their demographics, characteristics, and psychographic behaviours. Once you have broken your audience down into segments and created a customer profile, you can then tailor and personalise your messages for better engagement. With personalisation and segmentation tools you can deliver the right message to the right people…without taking it too far or getting too personal.

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Advertising targeting and media buying

Building an audience can be a time and resource-intensive process, and it can be difficult to know how to effectively advertise to different consumer groups across omnichannel campaigns. With data profiling and execution tools, you can identify your target audience, determine how best to engage with them and implement your campaign across a broad range of marketing channels. So, once you have built your audience segments and customer profiles, you can use them multiple times across multiple channels.

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Multi-channel marketing campaign planning

Marketing teams and managers are constantly under pressure to deliver a strong ROI. As a result, many campaigns are developed with this as the key objective. Multi-channel marketing campaign planning tools help businesses to optimise marketing spend by using the same base set of audience selections – in other words, building once and deploying multiple times. This approach boosts efficiency and ROI.

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Target market audience research

To effectively communicate with your customers and prospects, it is important that you develop an understanding of who they are and what makes them tick. And, in today’s fast-changing markets, updating audience research data and monitoring shifts in behaviours is key. Audience research and industry profiling tools use predictive model scoring solutions, rather than focusing on purely segment-based approaches. This not only helps you better identify which audiences are likely to act in a certain way but also improves your customer intelligence, customer management and acquisition programmes.

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Audience analytics

Audience analytics helps you to understand your customers and marketing, giving you the platform to build better models for growth. Interpret how effective your current marketing strategy and activity is and build on it with new models linking to research and audience data, with the help of our highly experienced team of analytics consultants. Whether you need support with a single analytical model, building out a complex bespoke segmentation from scratch, or anything in between, we will help you understand how your marketing is performing.

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