The Rental Exchange for Tenants

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We’ll help you get credit for paying your rent on time, so you can plan for the future.

The Rental Exchange gives you the credit you deserve for paying your rent on time, whether you're a social housing tenant or are renting privately. With the Rental Exchange, you can enhance your credit report without taking on new credit agreements.

How to make sure your rent is reported

  • If you are a council or social housing tenant, ask your landlord to report your rental payment data into the Rental Exchange.
  • If you are a private tenant, and your landlord or managing agent has more than 500 properties ask them to report your rental payment data into the Rental Exchange.
  • Alternatively, you can self-report your payment data through one of our partners:

How will I benefit?

We’ll help you create an online history of your rental payments. It’ll prove to companies that you’re a reliable potential customer by proving who you are and where you live.

Having additional information on your credit file can make it quicker and easier to:

  • Open a new bank account
  • Get a new credit card
  • Have a loan application approved
  • Shop online
  • Arrange a better utilities tariff, or qualify to pay for gas/electricity via a non-prepay tariff
  • Receive better mobile phone rates
  • Apply for a mortgage

To find out how the Rental Exchange can benefit tenants, view the video below:

Statutory Credit Reports

Rental data is now appearing on Statutory Credit Reports (available from here) and Credit Expert.