Validate address, email and mobile number data in real-time

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Enhance your online experience and improve contact data management with real-time validation

When your customers are inputting their address, email or phone number data into your website, you want to provide an excellent user experience while ensuring the data you’re capturing is correct and valid. That’s why we’ve developed validation tools, that integrate seamlessly with your website, to validate your customer data in real-time – providing them with a smooth experience and you with high quality data.

Customer loyalty

Deeper customer insights to improve communications and built trust and loyalty


Reduce wastage and increase revenue through a stronger customer relationship

Efficient communication

Connect with real customers for fast and efficient communications

What is real-time email validation?

As your customers are typing their email address into your website, your point of sale or in a call centre environment, our integrated solution will identify mistyped email addresses and prompt the user to make corrections.

What is real-time mobile number validation?

As users enter their mobile phone number into your website, our integrated solution will check the number for accuracy, for example the correct amount of digits, and will prompt the user to correct before submitting.

What is real-time address validation?

When a visitor to your website starts typing their address, our tool starts showing possible matches so the user can select the correct address, and you have piece of mind the data is correct. This tool can also be integrated into point of sale or in call centre environments.

How has real-time validation helped other organisations?

Digitalbox saved £75,000 in marketing spend using real-time email validation. Explore the case study and find out how using email validation has seen a virtually instantaneous improvement to digitalbox’s services.

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