95% of businesses have seen impacts related to poor data quality

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The global health crisis has resulted in unprecedented challenge for many businesses and consumers alike. Customer experience remains a top priority, but it’s more important than ever before as consumer behaviour shifts and digital transformation accelerates. Strong customer interactions rely on trusted data. Experian is here to help organisations, like yours, easily shift to this new, pandemic-driven market with data quality management.

Our research explores:

  • Rapid digital transformation and the shift to digital eCommerce
  • Getting your data ready for change
  • How to prepare your data for what's ahead


  • 84% of business leaders say there has been more demand for data insights in their companies with COVID-19.
  • 72% of businesses say that an acceleration to digital transformation has made their business more reliant on data
  • 85% of businesses are looking to hire data roles in the next 6 months
  • 95% of businesses have seen impacts related to poor data quality

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