What is Absolute Contacts?

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Absolute Contacts from Experian is an address dataset that provides up-to-date and verified change of address information that enables organisations to remain in contact with UK consumers when they move house.

How is Absolute Contacts updated?

The dataset utilises Experian's wealth of name and address data and proprietary business processes to accurately identify changes of address so you can be sure you maintain or regain the relationship you have with your customers.

Why is Absolute Contacts important?

Research shows that 18,000 addresses are changed every day – this gives you a good indication of how quickly your currently accurate database can decay and start causing issues. Keeping your address data up to date helps with:

  • Maintaining customer relationships
  • Reducing costs and wastage
  • Reducing the risk of inaccurately sent sensitive data

How can I get access to Absolute Contacts?

Address Validation

The Absolute Contacts data set is integrated into our address cleaning tools and is just one of the comprehensive data sets that we provide.