Address Entry

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What is Address Entry?

Address Entry is the term used for any address data input, for example, within your:

  • Call centres
  • Company website
  • e-commerce platform

Making this process as easy for the customers as well as accurate for your data, is a key consideration for companies.

Why is Address Entry important?

Ensuring that customer addresses are entered correctly at the point of capture helps build and maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers. Having the correct information enables you to communicate with them more effectively. Costs will also be reduced by saving time and money on wasted communications and undelivered goods.

Being unable to capture your customers' address details properly could result in incorrect information entering your organisation. For example; misspelt street names, misspelt town names and incorrect postcodes.

Although these errors may only be small, they are the difference between you maintaining your ability to mail to your customers and losing it as a channel of communication altogether.

How can you ensure accurate Address Entry?

Real-time address validation

Start validating all your customer's address data as it enters your website, using our address capture software today.