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What is Address Search?

Address Search is the process of looking up an address of a person on just a fragmented part of the address. The most common example of this is the ability to offer the postcode of an address, and the rest of the address being automatically generated. Address capture solutions will often drive these results based on data from datasets such as the PAF.

Why is Address Search useful for businesses?

Address Search provides benefits to both the business using it and the customer using it to enter their details. The main advantages are:

  • Quicker form fills – The customer saves time and effort by only having to input their postcode and choosing their address from a list. This improves their experience with your website.
  • More accurate data capture – By predicting the address as the customer types it in, you reduce the risk of human error thereby helping you to reduce costs through a reduction in miss-mailings or miss-delivery of products of services. 

How can we help with your Address Searching?

Experian Address Capture

Our address validation solutions ensure your customer addresses are entered quickly and accurately. Learn how you can start capturing accurate address in our guide.