What is Intuitive Search?

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Intuitive Search is where an address form field has the functionality that allows it to predict the address in real-time as you type. You can then either continue to type your full address or pick your address from a dropdown when it appears.

What are the benefits of Intuitive Search?

A significant benefit of having Intuitive Search is an improved, easier experience for your customers. Recent research has shown 20% of customers find checkout processes too long – so by removing the need for them to type their full address, you can speed it up for them. It has actually been shown that retailers using Intuitive Search see a 5% uplift in checkout conversion.

A second benefit is that it greatly reduces the chances of user-errors such as typos. By collecting the data completely and accurately the first time, you can reduce the amount of time required cleaning your data and potential embarrassments further down the line caused by inaccurate addresses.

What Intuitive Search options do we offer?

Global Intuitive

Find out how our Global Intuitive Address Capture solution is able to validate addresses from 240+ countries and territories – improving your customer checkout experience and address data quality.