What is the Mailing Preference Service?

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The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) is a free service provided to UK consumers set up in 1983 so that they can request to have their names and homes address removed from direct mail lists by suppressing their data. This might be done due to:

  • Wanting to avoid junk mail.
  • If the previous occupier of the house still receives mail at your address.
  • If you have suffered a bereavement.

Why is the Mailing Preference Service important for businesses?

By suppressing your data with the MPS, you benefit from two big advantages:

  1. You are respecting your customer’s wishes by not sending them things they have made clear they do not want.

  2. You save money by not paying for mailings to people who are very unlikely to convert as they do not wish to receive them.

What other datasets can I use to suppress my database?

Datasets Guide

Read in more detail how the MPS and other datasets such as AddressBase Premium and Not Yet Built can be appended to your address data to improve performance.