What is On-Demand Software?

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On-Demand Software, often referred to as Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a hosted system for products and services. Businesses are increasingly moving towards hosted applications. The rise of SaaS and cloud computing underlines the need to be able to offer this to your customers and application partners. The On-Demand name comes from the fact you license the software by subscribing to it and then using it directly from where it is centrally hosted.

What are the advantages of using On-Demand Software tools such as data quality platforms?

On-Demand Software has become a more popular choice with organisations due to several features they provide including:

  • Customisation – These types of applications allow you to configure the tool more so you can change its functionality and appearance to suit your needs better.
  • Easier updates – Providers of On-Demand Software are easier able to send updates to their tools on a frequent basis with minimal effort or inconvenience on your end.
  • Browser interfaces – Using a browser for your tool means you don’t need to download a large file onto a local computer, freeing up space and allowing other users to log in to the tool with their own computer.

What data quality tools do we offer On-Demand?

Address Capture in the Cloud

Start capturing accurate contact information every time, online or on-premise with our hosted address capture solution.