What is Point of Capture?

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Point of Capture describes when data is collected for the first time. An example of this would be the first time someone’s contact details are captured on a web form or by a call centre.

How does Point of Capture help with data quality?

The Point of Capture stage of data collection is key for data quality as the moment a customer enters their contact details is the best time to implement any validation. Address, Email and Mobile validation can be applied to the relevant fields to verify in real-time the accuracy of the data, meaning:

  • No inaccurate data enters your database, compromising its integrity.
  • Any typos or mistakes can be identified straight away and therefore corrected without having to re-contact the customer – saving time and money.

How can I see Point of Capture validation in action?

Address validation

Start validating all your customer's address data as it enters your website using our address validation software.