What is the Welsh PAF?

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The Postcode Address File (PAF®) is a file of addresses of every single UK address and postcode and includes 30 million addresses for both businesses and residential properties and 1.8 million postcodes. PAF was created by the Royal Mail largely to:

The Welsh PAF file forms part of the larger UK file and provides complete and up to date addresses in the Welsh language which specify Welsh streets and localities.

Why is it important to validate your database using the Welsh PAF file?

The Welsh PAF file is indispensable to anyone who needs to ensure that the Welsh addresses they hold are valid, clean and up-to-date. Holding accurate addresses ensures that mailings always reach their destination, which is particularly important for organisations who rely on communicating via this channel. In addition, holding clean address information allows for better insight into an organisation’s customer base.

The Royal Mail estimate they receive an average of 4000-5000 changes to individual records every day – showing how quickly your data can decay even if it was accurate when first entered.

How can I use the Welsh PAF file to validate my database?

Organisations can purchase a PAF license to use with their data quality solution. This will enable it to match the address data it holds against the file and correct any errors that are detected. Tools are also available to verify addresses at the point of capture to ensure that any address that enters a database is right the first time.

What other data sets can you enhance your database with?

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Explore in more detail how the Welsh PAF file and other data sets such as AddressBase and Not Yet Built can be appended to your address data to improve your mailing’s performance.