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A complete data management software solution for healthcare providers.

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Every day, millions of data items are created within the healthcare sector, encompassing patient, employee and finance data. The operational success of healthcare providers relies on having accurate records, trusted data and a clear understanding of your data estate.

Experian can support you in taking control of your data, and using it to power efficiency, data driven decision making and good patient outcomes.

Understand the impact of data quality

Quantify the impact of inaccurate data recording and reporting on the organisation.

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Visualise and understand your data estate

Visualise your entire data landscape and the connections between systems and data items. Build an accurate picture of the data assets you have, how data moves around your organisation, and how it’s used by different departments and processes.

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Monitor the state of data

Implement reporting and rules to proactively monitor your data, ensuring quality standards and understanding are maintained across the organisation.

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