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A complete data management software solution for social housing providers.

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Data is the lifeblood of housing associations, and poor quality, badly managed data will hinder key business processes, threaten compliance, and risk your organisation’s reputation. 

With a footprint in the majority of the UK’s Housing Associations and over 2000 bespoke rules developed to support sector specific data needs, Experian provides a comprehensive toolkit of solutions to cleanse and validate your data, help achieve compliance with the complex and diverse requirements of the sector, manage and automate data quality, and govern data to maintain standards and deliver trust in your most valuable asset.

Assess and triage your data

Accurate, high-quality data is an essential part of Housing Association operations. Up to date, clean and consolidated data will enable you to streamline operations, optimise processes, cut costs, and deliver a better level of service to your community.

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Assess the impact of data quality

Gain clarity into data quality issues, and business buy in to resolve these with impact assessment. Accurately measure the cost of data quality, at the level of an individual item or across an entire housing process.

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Comply with regulation

With a complex and changeable regulatory backdrop, the ability to use data to support, deliver and demonstrate compliance is key. Our solutions help organisations monitor completeness, validity and suitability of their data, allowing them to address problems and harness their data for compliance. Identify missing data and issues; highlight where components have surpassed their age limit, are overdue or don’t meet certain standards; and ensure data quality supports rather than hinders compliance processes.

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Manage stock condition data

Ensuring your stock data is populated and accurate is critical. Identify where stock data sits across your system, how it moves around your organisation, and where you have data quality issues; to drive improvement and power business operations.

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Better decision-making

Refine your data management process to gain the control and understanding of your data to power decision making. We help you turn your data into the fuel that powers success.

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Improve tenant experience

Help ensure tenant data, service charge data and transactional rent data is up to date and accurate to ensure fair charging and treatment, and make sure you can contact individuals when needed.

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