Legal Services

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Employees working in legal services are required to be reliable, trustworthy and honest; with the qualifications to offer your clients the best legal advice.

Experian provides a range of background checks for the legal services sector, helping to ensure that your staff comply with industry regulations and can be relied upon as a member of your organisation.

Law firms are often built on their reputation alone and have a duty of trust. Our range of legal services background checks not only save you time, but help you to maintain compliance with stringent industry guidelines and cut reputational risk by screening all your personnel, including: admin professionals, barristers, legal secretaries, partners, qualified solicitors and lawyers, support teams, and trainees.

Relevant checks

The checks can be adapted based on the position you are recruiting for – the more senior the role, the more in-depth checks you may wish to complete. With an estimated 20-50% of candidates embellishing their credentials to compete for roles, completing background checks is vital to ensure you are making the right hiring decisions. Checks for this sector include:

Identity Check

Credit Check

Criminal Record Checks

Professional Membership

Media Check

Education Checks

Employment Checks