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Experian offers essential Security Background Check services, helping UK companies to remain compliant with all Security Industry Authority (SIA) regulations.

SIA regulations require that all operatives working in the private security industry undergo mandatory BS7858 checks. Thorough and compulsory Security Background Checks are designed to protect and reassure the public. They ensure high standards are maintained across the sector, and prevent unsuitable candidates from entering positions of trust and power. The penalty for non-compliance can be a fine of up to £5,000 per offence.

Relevant Checks

Identity Check

Credit Check

Criminal Record Checks

Reference Checks

Why check?

To help reduce criminal activity and safeguard your business from fines and reputational damages, it is important that you comply with all compulsory SIA Security Background Checks. Running the required checks can be a hugely time-consuming process. Outsourcing your Security Background Checks to Experian can not only save you huge amounts of time and money, it can also help you to keep on top of ever changing SIA requirements.

Who is it for?

Experian can run Security Background Checks for a range of positions across the sector. As well as providing a screening solution for security equipment installation and support staff, we can also run background checks on mobile and static security operatives, door supervisors, appointed keyholders and CCTV and alarm monitoring staff.

SIA regulations dictate that candidates and employees in the security sector undergo a five year reference check, in which all gaps over 30 days are verified. Experian Security Background Checks begin with a basic Identity Check, as even the most stringent of screening processes can fail if a candidate supplies false or misleading information.

We can help to ensure that candidates have been involved in no unlawful or potentially problematic activity through carrying out the relevant Criminal Record Checks and Adverse Financial Checks.

We are proud to announce we are NSI silver approved