Data Management for Healthcare

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Industry regulations stipulate healthcare organisations need to store patient data for 7 years – achieve a holistic view of your data; a single patient view.

Effective data management can be a key enabler in driving improved efficiencies across the industry and ensuring clinical data is fit-for-purpose can help health services to avoid risk, reduce revenue loss and streamline overall service delivery.

Experian has built up exceptional market coverage in the healthcare sector by supporting NHS Trusts, Private Hospitals and Local Health Services as they strive to do more with less.

We have a wealth of expertise in supporting delivery of data-driven initiatives to reduce costs, streamline operational efficiency and improve levels of patient care.

A&E departments rely on accurate patient information so they can operate smoothly as well as supplying the right data, first time to other public service bodies.

Did you know?


The Department of Health believes it can save £2.7 billion through a number of 'easy-win digital channel improvements'.


The Department of Health believes £7 billion is wasted every year due to fraud and error.

  • Increase accuracy of data in order to improve patient care and outcomes, make informed decisions, and monitor activity
  • Ensure appropriate checks, balances, frameworks, policies, processes and controls are in place to ensure data is correct for multiple uses
  • Additional 3rd party reference data
  • Integration with other Experian data management capabilities
  • Focus equally on completeness and validity of data
  • Reduce costs associated with SUS returns
  • Apply metadata such as timestamps to your patient data
  • Identify and fix problems with legacy data including suppressions, gone-aways and mortalities
  • Instil data governance in your organisation with audit trails and automated data quality dashboarding

Secondary Usage Service (SUS)

Take control over the quality of your data when reporting on Secondary Usage Service returns, reducing the costs associated with denied claims and ensuring your recompense by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

  • Map the 'data journey' within the hospital to understand the processes, capture points and areas for increased collaboration
  • Prioritise data accuracy through a body, team or single owner to ensure board representation
  • Utilise technology to ensure accuracy at every point of the 'data journey'

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Achieving on-time and on-budget data projects

The NHS collects and stores vast quantities of data that help its departments and applications function. This data is often held in departmental silos which poses a challenge when performing data dependent projects, such as system migrations. Outsourcing data migration projects can become costly and time consuming, whereas internally run projects can often struggle to succeed without the correct level of expertise.

The Solution

NHS Trusts should utilise ‘user-friendly’ migration technology in order to support successful integration of legacy applications, removing data silos and creating operational efficiencies. In addition the ability to provide an audit roadmap of every milestone delivered in a data migration project both by internal and external resource.

What can you do?

  • Combine business-user-friendly ETL tools with rapid profiling technology to take the pain out of data migrations
  • Validate, cleanse and standardise data before merging multiple systems for optimum results

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