PEP, sanctions screening and watchlists

Keep watch on individuals with political exposure and those associated with high-risk or sanctions.

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Streamlined and simplified PEP screening and due diligence

PEP (politically exposed persons) screening, adverse media checks and watchlists are the frontline defense against financial wrongdoing. Meet your regulatory compliance obligations, avoid severe legal consequences and improve your reputation in the global fight against financial crime, corruption, and fraudulent activities.

Identify, authenticate and screen

We optimise the PEP sanctions screening process to improve precision while optimising the customer experience. Our three-step process and status as an approved Credit Bureau simplifies verification, reducing processing delays and creating a seamless journey with reduced risk of customer drop-off. We verify the Ultimate Business Owner (UBO) and help you confidently, quickly and easily check individuals to achieve superior levels of customer due diligence.

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Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

In today's highly regulated business landscape, the ability of banks, financial institutions, payment providers and other organisations to identify key decision makers and parties associated with businesses is paramount. Experian simplifies the KYC compliance process with an innovative algorithm that identifies individuals with a 10% or higher shareholding in corporate structures.

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Due diligence

Due diligence checks to verify customer identities are required to meet money laundering regulations, and to avoid dealing with sanctioned or risk-posing individuals. Effective due diligence will help your organisation display prudent and ethical financial conduct, and avoid reputational damage, fines and worse.

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) are the foundation of due diligence. By embracing AML and KYC protocols, financial institutions can strengthen defence against financial crime while upholding trust, transparency, and security.

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