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The business landscape has changed and continues to change at pace. The unprecedented volatility translates to a significant increase in risk for those managing commercial portfolios.

Register for our commercial focused insights webinars as we bring you the latest trends and explore specific topics to help you navigate these challenging times.

Through our insight series:

  • We take a considered look at the latest trends affecting commercial portfolios
  • We unpick the challenges and discuss questions of the moment, with a focus on specific topics and themes
  • We review ways in which these challenges can be addressed


This webinar will reveal the immediate and longer-term impact of COVID on the pulse-rate ‘of’ UK businesses and what this means for business service providers and lenders.

Our webinars are hosted on the GoToWebinar platform. If you are aware of any restrictions within your organisation that prevents you from connecting to events hosted this way, please reach out to us as we will be happy to review how we can support you to ensure you do not miss out. Please contact our Events Team to discuss.

These sessions are held live, so to ensure you receive our latest materials, secure your space by registering below where you’ll find a schedule of all webinar dates.

The technical depth for all webinars is: Medium. This means the content will be of a business nature, covering terms and practice performed by specialised industry professionals.

Want to attend but can’t commit to the time?

Please do register for the webinar and should you not be able to attend, we can still share some details and further information with you.

As part of our Insight series, we're also running monthly deep dive Economic webinars which are designed to bring you the latest economic trends that may affect your markets and business. Find out more here.