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As a data controller, you’re accountable for taking steps to ensure personal data is accurate and up to date as outlined in Article 5 of the GDPR.

The ICO requires you to show you have implemented measures to maintain accuracy and taken reasonable steps to erase or rectify any inaccurate personal data. Failure to do so could not only result in penalties or fines, but also lost consumer trust and confidence.

Our Data Integrity Assessment helps you manage the integrity of your data and ensure you’re on the right track. Our expert data consultants will work with you to assess the quality, accuracy and integrity of your data, and provide an assessment tailored to you. Experian can also provide a range of solutions to support your onward journey.


Each Assessment is tailored to your needs and focuses on areas such as:

Data accuracy

Measured against unique Experian reference sets

Data integrity

Looking at over 200 quality attributes such as uniqueness and completeness

Data relationships

Linking duplicate versions of individuals


Linking the outcome of your assessment to the regulation so you can prioritise actions


Steps you can take to improve the accuracy and integrity of your data

The Assessment can help highlight risks to GDPR such as:

  • Duplicate records threatening Subject Access Requests or erasure response times
  • Unexpected sensitive information in customer, supplier or staff databases
  • Incorrect data being captured or held due to outdated manual processes or software errors

Useful Resources


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A Data Integrity Assessment is a key step in turning your GDPR preparations into business as usual - helping you to understand the integrity of your data and highlight the potential integrity barriers and risks.


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