Sources and calculations

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In order to collate all the data for the our #Costoffraud tool we use a variety of sources. The table below lists them all together with key calculation variables.

Prices we've used in our calculations:

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  Number Source

Cost of a property in the capital



Formula 1 car



£4.35 per kilo

A commercial flight to space


Clean Water



Three course meal


Housing Benefits Bill


Cost of London Olympics


World's most famous burger



Cost of creating a minimum wage job


Cost of an annual underground pass (Zones 1 & 2)

£1,284 per annum


Cost of HS2


Price of a London Eye



Price of building a social home


Price of building a Royal London Hospital


Capitalisation of Facebook

In excess of £144bn

Number of new borns in UK in 2013


Cost to build a carbon neutural home



Number of unemployed in the UK

1.85 million

Price of a University Degree



Cost of ending world hunger


*We use a variety of data sources in order to create a household economics dashboard. Some of the data in this dashboard has been adapted from data from the Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.3.0.