What if you were able to predict changes in the credit market and make changes to your portfolio accordingly?

Functionality that delivers your goals

Increased competition coupled with economic and market changes make it difficult to understand whether the shifts you are seeing in your credit portfolios are a result of external factors or the impact of past strategies. Identifying future changes to improve performance is crucial to developing sound and relevant strategies to support sustainable growth. Market and portfolio insight gives you the context and quantitative analysis to support decisions about changes in strategy and operational planning.

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The benefits at a glance

Enhanced insight into credit market opportunity

Covers a wide range of credit markets, include mortgages and collections

Understand your Interest Only mortgage portfolio, benchmark it to the market and develop your strategy to limit non-repayment

Comparing your business against the UK market, market segments or specific competitive groups can help improve the performance of your own portfolio

Compare your collections and recoveries performance against the UK market

Build a data driven market approach

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