Trended Data for consumer financial insight and segmentation

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Build a full picture of your customers’ credit behaviour to make informed and fair decisions.

A credit score is an effective way to view a snapshot of a consumer’s financial behaviour. But how did they get there? Is their score improving or has their payment behaviour changed recently? To really get a sense of your customer’s financial history and predict their future payment behaviour you need more information, covering more time and from more sources. That’s where we can help.

Through the capabilities of Trended Data, we’re able to give you the rich information you need to gain valuable insight into your customers and make informed and fair decisions, even with your thin file consumers.

See how we can help you predict future payment behaviour of your consumers:

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How can Trended Data help you?

Differentiate your customers

with the same credit score through a more granular understanding of their credit trajectory to offer suitable products and services.

Increase the pool of people

that will be able to be included within automated decision processes through the use of additional data sources to increase efficiencies.

Offer more inclusive lending

to people with thin files using more data sources allowing them to become visible to grow revenue.

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