Automated lending decisions with Experian® One

A SaaS platform for fast credit decisions

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A streamlined and automated consumer lending platform

In today’s marketplace filled with fierce competition, staying competitive in the lending space means evaluating customers and accepting their applications fast, and at any time of the day. It also means giving them the superior customer experience they’re expecting, while making sure you’re whiter than white on compliance. Experian One is an intuitive cloud-based platform that enables you to consistently make one right lending decision after another.

Instant Approvals

Automated credit decisions 24 hours a day, no manual intervention

Cloud means quick

Up and running in weeks; scale up or down as you need

Plug & Play

Different data sources for decisions based on rich insight

Unique to you

Create your own policy rules, parameters and segments

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Automated credit decisioning system

Experian One is a cloud based platform that automates credit decisions easily and efficiently, providing you with an off the shelf solution, without the expense of building it in-house. Experian One takes your applicants’ information and enhances it with credit, fraud, and internal data; mix that in with predictive scoring models and policy rules to trigger instant automated decisions. Try the Experian One API for free