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Are your customers at the heart of your collections management?

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship, even when it comes to debt collection. A missed loan payment or a bill not paid on time could mean your customer was just forgetful or they are facing real financial difficulty. Knowing the difference is important to deciding which is the fairest course of action to take. Putting that knowledge into action is even more critical.

PowerCurve Collections unlocks the power of data and analytics to provide the guidance needed to personalise the collections process, effectively recovering debt whilst preserving long-term customer relationships.

How can PowerCurve Collections help you?

Increase recoveries

Apply relevant targeted collections actions.

Reduce collection costs

Automate decisions and use best practise collection techniques.

Maintain compliance

Manage collections with the customer at the heart of your strategy.

Increase customer retention

Deliver higher quality interactions through enhanced customer insight.

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How does PowerCurve Collections work?

PowerCurve Collections brings together key components to provide a rounded collections solution:


Connect to rich data sources to create a comprehensive view of your customers.


Make smarter collections decisions with a variety of data-driven insights.


Automatically decide on the appropriate customer treatment.


Drive an automated and efficient collections workflow.


Work in partnership with our debt-management specialists to optimise your collections strategies.

To see how Experian can help you maximise your collections performance call 0844 481 5638 or contact your Experian representative.

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