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A smarter way to give small businesses what they need with Experian Commercial Acumen

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Turning data into opportunities for small business lenders

We make it faster, easier, and more cost effective for you to lend to small businesses, helping you serve a fast-growing and complex market without increasing your risk.

We enable you to make the right lending decisions straightaway, with a single view of what your customer can afford, without the hassle and cost of integrating multiple data sources yourself. Our Open Data Platform provides a single view of what your customer can afford by combining credit, bank transaction information, and management account data in seconds.

The benefits of Experian Commercial Acumen

  •  Meet the needs of your small business customers faster and more cost effectively.
  •  Make more informed decisions based on accurate insights to reduce risk.
  •  Improve customer experience and reduce costs by speeding up loan applications.
  •  Increase loyalty and future growth by adding value to your customer relationships.

We are committed to delivering business results for:

Banks and building societies

· Compete with digital-first alternatives.

· Offer more flexible digital services to your customers, for example, applying for loans outside of office hours.

· Enhance customer relationships through proactive recommendations based on insights.

Challenger banks

· Take new services to market faster to outpace the competition.

· Save time and money.

· Add value to existing banking services to attract and retain new customers.

Digital brokers and Fintechs providing lending

· Easy access to insights to help power your services.

· Peace of mind and confidence for end-customers when sharing data, through the strength of the Experian brand

Our capabilities

  • Commercial credit information - Access to the UK’s largest database of commercial credit data
  • SME management account information - Sourced from the UK’s 15 largest providers of SME data
  • Business current account transaction data - Access to 3 years of automatically categorised transaction data (with consent)
  • Commercial data portal - Quick and easy access to all Experian commercial data without costly and time-consuming IT integration

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