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Providing high quality, comprehensive vehicle provenance and valuation information for automotive retailers, finance and insurance.

Buying and selling vehicles can be a risky business. Having reliable vehicle information will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Whether it be checking the finance of a vehicle or ensuring that it hasn’t been registered as written off, stolen, exported or scrapped – Experian AutoCheck will do all the work so that you can have the confidence to buy and sell vehicles that have an authentic history.

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The benefits

Specifically designed for automotive retailers, finance and insurance companies, AutoCheck enables you to:

Real-time data

Access real-time retail backed data to help you set more accurate prices quicker and increase profit

Comprehensive insight

View high quality, comprehensive vehicle provenance information to help you to make better buying decisions

Stay competitive

Have transparency of the local marketplace and competitors’ stock, with better market coverage

Easy to use

Accessible anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices, AutoCheck provides a simplistic way for you to get your hands on the data you need, meaning your team can concentrate on the service, not the admin

Special features:

  • Images of vehicles over time - so you can see the vehicles condition and look out for any obvious modifications
  • Additional Vehicle Data - SMMT specification data is displayed including: performance, fuel consumption, engine and technical details, plus weight and dimensions. We’ve also included DVLA VIC test data, so that everything combined gives you the confidence you need to buy or sell a vehicle
  • Download Reports and Certificates - all reports can be printed or saved for your ease
  • AutoCheck Timeline - displays images and advert text if a vehicle has previously been up for sale and details on previous MOTs (both pass and fails)
  • Finance - have visibility if a vehicle is still of interest to a finance company and provide the details for you to investigate or settle the agreement, which ever you choose
  • Written Off - AutoCheck will show you if a vehicle has been the subject of an insurance write-off claim and, if so, which write-off category was assigned
  • Imported, exported or scrapped - Our AutoCheck service has the ability to check if the vehicle is recorded with the DVLA as being imported, a UK export or as being scrapped
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Information - Including: colour, vehicle identification number (VIN), body type, engine capacity, engine number, transmission, fuel type, CO2 emissions, BHP, date of first registration, year of manufacture, number of previous keepers and the date of keeper change
  • Fuel economy label - You can get a free Department of Transport fuel economy report that covers CO2 emissions and the Vehicle Excise Duty branding for the vehicle too. We’ll even give you an estimated annual fuel cost as part of this report
  • Valuation data - Vehicle valuation data is available from Cazana and Glass so you can view a vehicle value that is truly indicative of its worth on the market today and in the future
Cazana partnership with Experian

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Integrate Cazana Companion into your AutoCheck platform and use the power of real-time retail data to drive profitability.

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