Vehicle Mileage Check

An easy and efficient way to independently check the mileage history of a vehicle

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Have confidence that you have completed the necessary due diligence checks into the accuracy of a vehicles’ mileage and help protect your business from risk.

We know that mileage fraud is a big challenge for the automotive industry, which is why we’ve built a tool to help put the brakes on the problem. Our Vehicle Mileage Check solution verifies a vehicle’s mileage history against data from numerous sources, so we can help to protect you and your company against the potential dangers of fraud.

The Benefits:

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How does it work?

Quick and easy to use, simply enter the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and vehicle mileage into our online platform and receive an instant PDF certificate, showing you are taking reasonable precautions to verify the mileage of a vehicle - we’ll do the rest.

Using the data you’ve provided, we search for information on the vehicle from a vast database of mileage resources, contacting previous keepers where appropriate and investigating any discrepancies when necessary.

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