International Commercial Credit Risk Reports

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Manage risk and see opportunities for growth

Taking the decision to trade abroad presents a number of challenges and barriers. Experian’s international online reports are a powerful tool that enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your international customers, associated risk and their history through real-time reporting. Having sight of timely information will help you safeguard your business and ensure you make the right decisions.

Global reach in 195 countries and 230 jurisdictions
Fresh and live – see the latest information available
4 different report levels to suit your needs and budget

Access to quick and powerful global insight

Gain a deeper, clearer and more accurate understanding of your international:

- Business customers
- Suppliers
- Partners

We use fresh data that comes directly from our Experian regional bureaus and international Credit Reference Agency partners (BIGnet alliance) for quality and coverage.

“Experian’s International Credit Risk capabilities give us an enhanced view of global Business Information, when combined with UK reports, their globally focussed products and services give us a consistent and effective way of managing risk and running our business confidently”

- Sarah Jenion, Penguin Random House

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Online International Reports

With four types of report available, we can cater for your business requirements, from a summarised snapshot to a full extended view.

Company Profiles

A summarised snapshot of key elements associated with a business's identity, reducing potential fraud.

Risk Checks

Offers a straightforward credit assessment to help assist with your regulatory requirements. With alerts and a payment performance score providing you with clear information you need to be aware of when trading internationally.

Small Reports

Enables you to gain deeper understanding into your customer's financial performance. Additionally, providing the latest balance sheet, profit & loss and ratios for a well-rounded view of the business today.

Extended Reports

Supplies 3 years of company, consolidated and group financials to help you identify trends in evaluating risk. Provided through; a detailed 0 to 100 credit score, ultimate parent company & owner and analyst comments to make this our most comprehensive report for confident credit decisions.


Freshly Investigated Reports

For countries where we aren’t able to provide online reports, we’ll still be able to provide you with a freshly investigated company report (availability will vary by country and business). Search across our Rest of the World index file database of over 15 million businesses to help you find and target the business you are seeking.