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In an increasingly digital economy, it’s imperative your digital onboarding journey is quick, efficient and accurate, offering the right solutions to the right customers.

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Enhanced customer experience, with data at the heart

Today’s customers are demanding more from lenders, wanting instantaneous decisions made online without interruption. Balancing customer needs with affordability, financial vulnerability, fraud and identity checks is easier than you might think.

Our cloud-based, pre-packaged solutions are designed to flex to your needs, giving you instant access to a responsive, controllable decisions you can adopt fast. Be up and running with minimum investment and pay for the service as you use it. You can simply plug and play with our decisioning templates, or customise by building your own policy rules, parameters and segments.


increase in sales through improved accept rates


reduction in processing time through automated decisions


increase in profitability

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How can Experian help?

Our digital onboarding solution can help you achieve an enhanced customer experience, whilst ensuring compliance around regulatory checks and risk mitigation. Using the latest data insight, and applying your rules for credit and fraud risk assessments, you could be onboarding clients in minutes.

See how we helped disruptive Fintech Tymit towards their 3-minute onboarding ambition.

Partner with Experian to offer your customers an improved experience using the most advanced analytics and insights.

Enhance your customer's digital onboarding experience today

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Understand with Customer Management

Giving you the ability to turn analytic insights into a coordinated set of decisions, allowing you to truly see and understand who your customers are, and what they need - when.

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Innovate with Collections

The completely integrated collections solution that delivers personalised fair treatment actions for individuals. Whilst reducing costs and maximising recoveries.

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Grow with Strategy Management

Recognise early signs of market and customer behavior changes so you can react more quickly to avoid negative impacts and take advantage of opportunities.


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