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Find and reconnect with lost customers. We’ll help you, so you can help your customers

It’s easy to lose touch with customers who move to a new house or change their phone number, but Experian’s tracing solutions can help you change that. We’ll enable you to reconnect with customers, so you can continue to deliver a great service.

Informing credit providers isn’t always a top priority for those moving home, but it is for you. With tracing solutions, you can make sure you have the correct contact details, ensuring you can make repayment arrangements to collect arrears or reunite customers with their assets.

Key benefits

  • Be alerted to any changes in a customer’s circumstances
  • Identify a customer’s new address
  • Obtain up-to-date telephone numbers for your customers
  • Search for customers using various fields, including date of birth, surname or partial postcode
  • Enrich your customer data with value added insights, including Bankruptcy and IVA data, telephone numbers, deceased flags and ‘propensity to pay’ scores
  • Supplies supporting evidence so you know you are dealing with the correct customer

Who is tracing solutions for?

Organisations that may have lost contact with their customers and need to reconnect quickly.

How it works

Our tracing solutions can be integrated into your existing process quickly and easily, pulling in data from multiple internal and external sources, enabling you to find and reconnect with your ‘lost’ customers faster.

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