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How to find and reconnect to customers, fast

It’s easier than you might think to lose track of customers. Millions of people move to a new house or change phone numbers every year, and if their new contact details aren’t passed on it’s easy to lose track of them. This can cause problems for them and your business. If you can’t reach your customers, you can’t offer them the financial support and advice they need or reunite them with their assets. And when lines of communication are down, you might not be able to collect arrears. The good news is our smart tracing solutions can help. We cross-reference data from multiple different sources to help you find ‘lost’ customers quickly and easily. This enables you to build and maintain stronger relationships with your customers.

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How debt tracing can benefit your business

Our smarter tracing solutions help you deliver the service and support your customers deserve. Help them move forward and protect your business from financial loss.

  • Speed and peace of mind: Reconnect quickly, confident you’re dealing with the right customer
  • Fairness: Contact customers in the fairest and most appropriate way
  • Efficiency: Find the right customer quickly and easily

Reconnect with your customers

Combine our solutions and your systems with ease, and access results via a data feed or online, whatever suits your business best.

  • Stay up to date when customer addresses and other contact details change
  • Validate current contact details 
  • Access the most recent telephone numbers and alternative contact numbers
  • Find addresses using date of birth, surname, partial postcode and phone number

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Learn more about our debt tracing solutions and the ways they can benefit your business


Tracing agents are specialists who are charged with finding missing people. These ‘lost’ people may be family members and friends who have disconnected with loved ones, those who need to be reunited with their assets (such as pension funds, lottery prizes or legacies left to them in a will), and debtors who have arrears or outstanding loans to pay off. People can lose touch with individuals and organisations for a variety of reasons, for example, they might have moved to a new house or changed their telephone number without letting people know.  This might be deliberate, in the case of people do night wish to be found. In other cases, this can be an oversight, for example, where a person has forgotten they had a savings account or pension pot or were unaware they had been left assets in a will.

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