Consumer credit and trended data solutions for your business

Keep track of your customers’ spending, and their ability to afford credit.

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How to keep a step ahead of risk

In our fast-changing world, certainty is hard to pin down. One minute a customer can afford to pay you in full and on time. The next, their income might drop, and they fall into arrears. How do you support your customers when they need it most while protecting your business from loss?

To do this, data has never been more important. And that’s where our consumer credit and trended data solutions come in. We can help you make quicker and better affordability assessments at the point a customer applies for credit, and throughout their relationship with you. This means you can monitor whether they can continue to afford credit, discover when their circumstances change, understand the best way to recover more debt and maintain good customer relationships. We can also help you automate your collections to save time and money and make consistent collections decisions.

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How consumer credit and trended data can benefit your business

Our solutions help you keep track of your customers’ changing income and spending, and their ability to afford credit. This helps you respond in the most appropriate way for each customer, as soon as action is needed.

  • Spot changes quickly: Quickly identify when customers are at risk of falling into arrears
  • Personalise collection: Take the most appropriate action for each customer, in the right way
  • Reduce risks: Maximise collections while maintaining good relationships


Verify 80% of incomes supplied by customers

Up to date

Monitor your customers’ ability to afford credit as their circumstances change


Safeguard your customers and your business


Increase the amount of money you collect


Predict changes before they damage your business


Make your data collection more efficient

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Key features of our consumer credit and trended data solutions

Make quick and accurate decisions about whether new and existing customers can afford to pay you back in full and on time. Stay one step ahead of risk and maintain good customer relationships.

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Quick approvals

Quickly work out whether your customer can afford a loan or credit, both now and throughout their relationship with you. 

  • Immediate and ongoing access to most UK customer current accounts
  • Quick and accurate lending decisions
  • Increase acceptance rates by up to 10%
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Keep track of your customers’ rapidly changing finances

Predict more accurately than ever when your customers are likely to fall into arrears. Recover more debt and find customers who are able to pay more to reduce their debt. Did you know one personal insolvency provider increased their collections on behalf of creditors by 60% by using our solutions?

  • Personalise collections to recover more debt
  • Automate income and expenditure data collection
  • Get fortnightly updates on payment holidays and current account turnover
  • Support your customers’ repayment option
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Adjust your strategies

Make sure your business keeps pace with your customers’ rapidly changing financial circumstances and adapt accordingly. Update your scorecards with the best available data.

  • Re-evaluate your strategies in line with economic and financial changes
  • Predict potential losses with up-to-date and accurate data
  • Make smarter credit, quotation and management decisions

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Consumer data can be collected or captured when consumers provide their details to an organisation. For example, they give their address when they purchase something online, and this is basic consumer data. 

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