Data Maturity Assessment

What steps can your organisation take to improve its data quality?

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The Data Quality Maturity Assessment can help organisations to gauge the maturity of their data quality methodology by analysing the three core building blocks of a successful data improvement initiative; PeopleProcess, and Technology.

By completing our short assessment, you will understand where your organisation sits on our maturity scale and what steps you can take to improve the quality of your data.

People - The driving force within your organisation. Responsible for implementing business as usual activity, instigating change and setting strategy - people are critical to the effective roll-out of a data quality strategy.

Process - A structured set of activities that have a well-defined and documented outcome. In data quality terms, your processes are designed to give a clear identification of roles, responsibilities, and ownership.

Technology - The tools employed by an organisation to help perform a specific action or activities more efficiently. Data quality technology offers critical support for managing information across its full lifecycle.

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